11 Dec 13

“Their titles are legitimate… their children are not!”

From “Come Along with Me,” from the 1953 Broadway Musical Production, ”
Can-Can” Original version sung by Hans Conried

From a friend in NY:

“A local physician was recently issued an appearance ticket by Sheriff’s
Deputies in Wayne County, NY for stealing lawn signs opposing NY’s “SAFE”

Can you imagine the degree of bias this MD has against people who only want
gun ownership to continue to be legal? So much bias that she is willing
to trespass and steal signs, just to suppress free expression on the part of
local citizens.

We are frequently led to believe, via the media, that the word of ‘
professionals,’ particularly left-leaning ones, is automatically beyond debate, so
their dubious ‘studies’ must never be questioned. Think of the
unchallenged support such ‘studies’ receive from the media when they come from
publications like JAMA.

Many medical ‘professionals’ are all too anxious to ‘fall in line’ with
leftist socio-political agenda, such as abolishing personal freedoms, like
the freedom to express non-leftist views. Liberals piously profess to
support ‘diversity,’ in everything but opinion!

We are reminded of the plight of Soviet citizens in the former USSR. When
one dared question the ruling party, he would instantly become the target
of a coordinated government/medical program, where party ‘doctors’ would
invariably arrive at a psychiatric diagnosis of ‘sluggish schizophrenia,’ or
Leonid Brezhnev’s personal favorite, ‘philosophical intoxication.’
Either way, the ‘dissident’ gets indefinitely locked away in a so-called ‘
mental ward!’

For those few of us who still don’t drink liberal Koolade, critical
thinking still entails questioning, sometimes ignoring, ‘expert advice’ from
sources that are agenda-compromised, and thus seldom have our best interests in


“Modern politicians, elected largely by the dependant, non-contributing,
and permanently non-productive class, predictably consist of flunkeys,
drunks, cowards, posers, fashion-mongers, time-servers, and part-time pimps.
Their audiences are not much better!”


“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the
gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery

Winston Churchill