7 Dec 20




I have a copy of Marcolmar’s ET CETME/L Rifle w/telescoping stock, and I’ve been traveling with, and shooting it, for the past few weeks. It’s in 5.56×45 (223) and uses standard, STANAG magazines.


(“STANAG” stands for NATO’s “Standardization Agreement,” of 2007, which provides for interoperability within NATO for various processes and procedures).


STANAG magazines, aluminum or steel, 20-round or 30-round, all work fine in the CETME/L, as do Lancer Magazines and several others. However, P-Mags do not work in this rifle, as their curvature does not permit complete insertion.


Marcolmar has a high-tech factory located in Richmond, IN, and all rifles are manufactured there.


I love and support courageous American gun-makers, as we all should!


The CETME/L is a copy of the original Spanish CETME, scaled-down to 5.56×45 caliber, and thoroughly, competently re-engineered.


(“CETME” stands for “Center for the Study of Special Materials,” in Spanish)


The original Spanish CETME was later adopted by the Germans as the “G3,” (7.62×51), later imported into the USA by H&K as the “HK91,” later manufactured in the USA (first in CT, later in SC) and designated the “PTR91″


H&K did manufacture a version in 5.56×45, imported to the USA as the “HK93,” but it has been long-since banned from import, and is currently out of production.


The CETME is not a gas-gun. It uses a roller-delayed blowback system that is fast-cycling and extremely reliable.


Marcolmar recommends 62gr bullets, but we’ve had no issues with any of the ammunition we shot through it.


Accuracy is very acceptable. Handling is smooth! Trigger is just fine for the serious purposes to which we’re putting this rifle.

Mt copy is equipped with a two-point sling and Aimpoint T1. Iron sights were dead-on from the factory. The Aimpoint makes it fast into action, but iron sights are always there and instantly useable when the Aimpoint fails.


(Aimpoints are extremely reliable and rarely fail, but batteries do go dead, usually at inconvenient times!)

I’ve flown with this rifle on commercial flights. It goes within a hard case that is within a 36″ Eagle Creek Roller Duffel. TSA thinks it is all just fine!

With stock collapsed, the CETME/L is just over 29″


It’s compactness, and its slickness, are what I really like, and two of its major selling points.


This rifle is compact, low-profile, slick, slim, sleek, easily concealed, ideal for travel, particularly via commercial air.

This is a serious rifle, designed for serious purposes, which is exactly what I want in any rifle that I travel with and continuously rely upon for personal protection!


You can see it at