8 Dec 20


“Judicial systems that enforce inequality as law are tools of subjugation.”


Wayne Gerard Trotman


Making our guns “inaccessible!”


Dublin, CA, an SF suburb, has just passed a local ordinance requiring all gun owners to make their guns inaccessible and utterly unusable in any timely manner in their own homes. Many other CA cities are following along!


Guns must be “inside a locked container or ‘disabled’ with a trigger-lock”


Translated into plain English:


“You can have guns (for now), but they need to be, at all times, inaccessible and unusable”


A curious exception is made when a guns is “under the control of a peace officer.” No one seems to know what “under control” means!


However, it would appear that police officers are exempt from obeying this law, and since city council members have some “arrest authority,” they are all exempt too!


So once again, corrupt liberals pass laws that they themselves are not required to obey!


This is all orchestrated by Bloomberg’s campaign to perniciously erode state preemption and Supreme Court rulings that establish our Second Amendment Rights as American citizens.


And, we all know how these liberals intend to enforce this new law:


When a violent burglary/home-invasion suspect is successfully repelled by an armed homeowner, the prosecutor will grant immunity from prosecution to the home-invader, in exchange for his testimony that the homeowner was able to become armed “too fast,” and was thus likely in violation of this ordinance.


Thus, violent criminals go free. Honest citizens who have the audacity to exercise their Constitutional Rights go to jail.


That’s “liberal paradise,” and precisely what is happening right now in Canada.


Everyone knows that guns which are “perfectly safe,” are “perfectly useless,” exactly what liberals want:


Helpless, defenseless, dependent citizens who are continuously at the mercy of violent criminals, whom liberals are coddle and protect!


At the same time, arrogant, elitist, liberal politicians (is there another kind?) get to keep their guns readily accessible, even “weapons of war,” because, of course, they’re “essential!”


Will our courts ever bring us relief from these sleazy hypocrites, this self-declared “special class of citizens,” these Constitutional criminals?


“Socialism simply substitutes the judgment of the individual with the judgment of a few arrogant elites.


Not so dissimilar to slave-owners!”


Kathy Barnette