30 June 20 “Pacifism is merely cowardice, masquerading as ‘piety’” Farnam NYPD is on the ropes. Ditto for Chicago PD, Atlanta, Baltimore, Seattle. All have mayors who are openly Communists and who naturally do not want their police interfering with ANTIFA/BLM violence! NYC’s mayor wants to cut a billion dollars from NYPD’s budget, which will destroy the Department. I hope liberal Democrats living in NYC, and who voted for this Communist clown, are enjoying all this! In 2014, BHO unsuccessfully undertook the creation of his own private army of nationalized thugs. Today in an attempt to revive that effort, Democrats in Congress are proposing “nationalizing” our fifty state police academies, so as to “standardize” use-of-force policy. “Federalization” of state troopers will logically follow! By destroying statues and monuments, the left relentlessly erases our national history, simultaneously abolishing our First Amendment rights as Americans. It’s fairly easy to predict the more violently-enforced censorship that is coming next: New restrictions on books you can buy, new restrictions on religious services, restrictions on access to “unapproved” library books (the alternative is to watch as the entire library is burned down), more restrictions on Web, Facebook Page content, ever-harsher, personal attacks on the left’s detractors. Any and all who freely exercise their First Amendment rights are branded by Democrats and the media as “racists” and are targeted for physical violence! The DNC has now declared that even celebrating Independence Day on the 4th of July is “racist!” ANTIFA is organized internationally. With the unconditional support of Congressional Democrats and their media lackeys, they adhere to the same violent playbook used by Communist revolutionaries throughout the past Century! Second Amendment rights apparently apply only to ANTIFA! There is nary a word of commendation from Democrats concerning ANTIFA’s freely-exercised armed terrorism, including several never-to-be-solved murders!  Simultaneously, the rest of us are piously told that we “don’t need guns,” and shouldn’t have them! As the USA thus morphs into Venezuela, know and understand that there will be no “going back to the good old days” of overflowing grocery stores, 24/7 electricity, gas for your car, private-sector jobs, retailers, unrestricted cell-phone service, uncensored communication, relentless technological innovation, unlimited opportunity, our blessed “Land of Plenty,” all the accouterments of capitalism and individual freedom. Communist revolutions invariably bring about universal squalor, sordid/abject poverty, violent oppression, debased subjugation, … and are, without fail, “one way!” “Their titles are legitimate Their children are not!” From “Come Along with Me,” from the 1953 Broadway Musical Production, “Can-Can” Original version sung byHans Conried /John