13 Sept 22
Anti-gun terrorists!
In May of this year, I was invited to teach a Class at our annual IALEFI (International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors) Conference in Las Vegas, NV.
The official Convention Hotel was the “D” on Freemont St. It’s a very nice high-rise, with all the amenities, including fabulous restaurants, one can imagine, and I happily stayed there for the duration of the Conference.
Friends up the food-chain at IALEFI told me that they had approached a number of hotels in Las Vegas about hosting the Convention. All were enthusiastic, until they learned police from around the country, and the world, would be attending. None of them wanted cops, nor guns, anywhere near their hotel!
The exception was the “D.” They were more than happy to host us, and displayed no fear of cops, nor guns! A pleasant relation developed, and we’ll probably be there again soon.
In any event, a grand time was had by all!
Now we hear of a unsavory event occurring at the Paris Hotel, also a Las Vegas high-rise, in August:
A guest attending a local convention (which had nothing to do with guns) was rudely awakened late at night by a pounding on his hotel-room door. At least a half-dozen heavily-armed men (masquerading as legitimate police), decked-out in weapons and tactical gear, demanded entrance.
The terrified guest, still in his underwear, was yanked out of his room, as the tactical entourage rushed in. They refused to identify themselves in any understandable way and refused to say why they were there, as they casually rummaged through his private property.
Minutes later a uniformed hotel employee sheepishly showed-up and announced that they were looking for guns, based on an “anonymous tip.”
They found no guns. There were none there.
However, the guest was terrorized and repeatedly threatened with physical violence if he didn’t “cooperate”
Without any kind of apology, they then disappeared.
This group of hooligans, as it turns out, were not legitimate “police!” They were a group of sleazy thugs, employed by this hotel. Apparently, some Las Vegas hotels think they need a SWAT team, for the sole purpose of harassing and terrorizing innocent American gun-owners!
This hotel’s “no-gun policy” is obviously disregarded by these hotel-employee thugs! Guns are apparently okay for them to have!
Similar events have been recently reported at other high-rises in Las Vegas.
Those of us who are planning on attending the 2023 SHOT Show in Las Vegas next January need to heed this warning!
The message is clear:
With violent crime off the chart (in Las Vegas and most other metro areas), you will not enjoy any kind of protection, nor will you be allowed to protect yourself!
For one, I’m not staying in any casino hotel, particularly not the Paris!