18 June 16

“Officer Krupke, you’ve done it again
This boy don’t need a job
He needs a year in the pen!
It ain’t a question of ‘misunderstood’
Deep down inside, he’s no good!”

“Gee, Officer Krupke,” from the movie/musical “West Side Story,” of 1961, starring Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer.

These sage comments on Orlando shooting suspect, Omar Mateen, from a seasoned detective, and good friend, who has investigated countless similar cases of criminal violence:

“The portrait that emerges is that of a VCA who is motivated by vicious, vile, grandiose affrontery.

The execution of the motive is designed to excite outrage, loathing, and perhaps fear in any who hear of the event. Expressed homage to a religion, or political entity, is for the same purpose. This case is not dissimilar to the guy who slaughters occupants of an abortion clinic, claiming to be wielding the ‘Sword of God.’

Such people are bad… not ‘mad!’

For them, God, Allah, or the tooth-fairy are just props.

I have been involved in many cases where suspects claimed the same motive, and used the same prop(s). I have spent endless days interviewing these perpetrators. They know what they are doing, and what they intend. They are neither delusional nor insane. They are simply mean and pretentious.”

Comment: Despite liberal denial, evil is real! I think it takes an evil person to do an evil thing. I don’t think good people do evil things (although sometimes we do stupid things). These vicious murderers are not incidental “victims of circumstance,” as liberals would have us believe. They are rotten criminals, thugs, and con-men, sheepishly hiding behind their race, or their “religion.”

These evil people are not “misunderstood,” “under-privileged,” nor “disadvantaged.”

They’re just no good!

And, as we see, they’re extremely dangerous.

Officer Krupke was right all along!