25 July 18

In metro areas run by liberal Democrats, the comedy never ends:

Some cities are divided into “precincts.” Others use the term, “division.”

In Chicago, it is “district,” and the city’s notorious 19th Police District, it has been recently revealed (despite the best efforts by liberals to cover it up), has a “staffing problem!”

It seems police officers don’t want to be assigned there!

Officers, weary of being continuous targets of agenda-driven, liberal scapegoat campaigns, have be transferring and resigning, in droves.

The upshot is skimpy coverage in the 19th.

Often, no coverage!

Many times per week, calls for police services in the 19th District, some desperate emergencies, receive no response, because there is no one on-duty available to send!

The laughable euphemism is “RAP”

That stands for “Radio Assignments Pending.” Most sarcastically call it a “queue.”

You might get a beat-car at the scene in a hour or so, but it may not be until the next day! In some cases, no police ever arrive!

“Shots-fired” calls, when there are no reported injuries, often receive no police response at all!

This phenomenon is not lost on violent street criminals!

They know and understand that at certain times of the day and week, they needn’t worry about police arriving in a timely manner, if ever, and subjecting them to arrest, gunfire, etc, and to no one’s surprise, plan their crimes accordingly.

Sadly, many Chicago citizens still foolishly believe they can call police during a life-threatening emergency, and enjoy a timely response. They are then falsely lead to believe police are “on the way,” when they are definitely not, and won’t be any time soon!

Chicago’s infamous murder rate thus continues to set new records, almost daily!

The only “solution” liberal politicians are ever able to put forth is continuous demands that guns be taken away from everyone who doesn’t commit crimes!

Chicago is among the worst, but LA, NYC, Baltimore, Newark, Camden, Patterson, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, et al, any place run by liberal Democrats, is a similar crime-ridden sewer!

The lessons are clear:

1) Stay out of these places! “Police protection” in Democrat strongholds is mostly imaginary, as we see.

2) You’re on your own. It can’t be said too often!

3) Stay alert! Keep your head up! Go armed!

4) It’s going to get worse. This is the way Democrats want it, and they will never admit they’re wrong, no matter how bad it gets!

Down here at the peon-level, we had better be prepared to take care of ourselves!