3 Aug 23
“I can look my own badness in the face and accept its existence, while you are busy covering your mirror with a white linen sheet.
“When I sin, I know I’m sinning, while you have fallen prey to your own fabricated illusions.”
C JoyBell
Curious the way woke bureaucrats, politicians, media types, and corporate whores so piously vilify people like us who go armed and competently train with those arms.
Of course, while condemning us for owning and carrying guns, they’re all hypocritically (and very quietly) doing the same thing, in much the same way they oh-so self-righteously excoriate honest wealth, while hiding their own!
According to them, we are all “paranoid” (and of course, “racist”), because we’ve taken reasonable precautions during the current crime-wave, and are constantly prepared, mentally and physically.  After all, we don’t dwell in well-protected bunkers, as they do.
Not surprisingly, inherently dishonest corporate types are making it their business to cynically announce that weapons are “banned” from their property. Hence, malls, restaurants, theaters, even parking lots become assumptive “weapon-free zones,” all supposedly at the stroke of a pen.
Of course, such bans never apply to them personally, nor to their bodyguards.
Nor do they really expect anyone to pay much attention to these inherently fraudulent “bans,” particularly violent criminals, but they impose them anyway, so as to “look good” to leftist politicians they suck-up to.
Yet, many among the naive are those foolish enough to actually pay respect to these laughable bans.
Thus, violent, armed criminals, like James Holmes (the Aurora, CO movie-theater murderer), are able to select places where they can casually murder the innocent with little risk to themselves.
The Tops Supermarket murderer in Buffalo, NY (eighteen-year-old Payton Gendron) also selected the right place to begin his murderous rampage, because he believed (correctly) that few shoppers there carried arms.
These offenders had evil plans, and carried them out with scant interference.
Conversely, their hapless victims were voluntarily hamstrung, by law and “corporate policy”
That’s exactly the way leftists want it. Leftists love “victims,” just as long as they never aspire to be anything other than victims!
Leftists promote and empower evil, while simultaneously condemning all that is virtuous, prudent, and honorable, because they themselves are neither good nor decent, and they know it.
And, you can rest assured these same leftist hypocrites are themselves, well armed and well protected.
And then they have the insolence to beg for your vote!