24 Oct 23
“‘Good enough’ never is!”
Debbie Fields
Terrorist activity within CONUS, along with general violent crime, is on an exponential increase and is likely to get much worse.
The situation is so discouraging that our leftist media is desperately/deliberately under-reporting all violent crime, because it makes their Democrat darlings look bad.
Not only do anti-Jewish attacks, batteries, and murders go under-reported by the media, but even police executives join the deception, so long as it supports their self-serving narrative.
The President of the Board at the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue in Detroit was attacked and stabbed to death next to her own home on Saturday.
No arrests, and no suspects.
Yet, Detroit Police immediately (in an apparent display of clairvoyance) piously declared that this murder was,
“Not motivated by antisemitism”
Amazing the way the can be so sure of that, when they don’t even have a suspect!
Detroit has a large Islamic population, much of it defiantly non-assimilated, and it has a well-earned reputation for violence
In Hagerstown, MD a circuit judge was murdered, shot to death, in his own driveway last Thursday.
Just hours before the murder, this judge presided over a domestic child-custody case, and had rendered a judgment unfavorable to the suspect.
No arrests so far.
What we should note about the above cases is that these two (now dead) victims were precipitously assaulted and murdered when they were “at home”
Many naively think that the closer they get to their own home, the “safer” they are!
Thus, many who regularly “go armed,” foolishly disarm themselves the instant they cross the threshold of their own homes.
As so many unarmed Israelis unhappily discovered on 6-7 Oct 23, there is no “safety,” and there is no “safe place”
“When you don’t think of yourself as your own ‘First Responder,’ you’re destiny is ‘First Victim!’”