31 Jan 19

FSM4 and FS7.62×51

Our popular “Farnam Signature Rifles,” in 5.56×45 and 7.62×51, first introduced five years ago, have been much enjoyed and appreciated by fellow Operators.

They’re been lovingly made by my friend and colleague, Keith Everett, of M4Precision.

Keith has retired, so the distinction and honor of making these suburb fighting rifles has now been conferred
upon my long-time friend and comrade, Freddie Blish and his wonderful team at Robar in Phoenix, AZ.

Freddie’s manufacturing facility and collective expertise is second to none, and there no one better qualified to take-over this charge.

Our FSM4 is a military-grade AR, equipped with an Aimpoint RDO on a quick-release mount, co-witnessed, foldable BUIS, co-axial tactical flashlight, LAW Folding Stock, BFG Vickers Sling, vortex-style flash-hider, MGI “D-Ring,” and Victory Trigger (or Geissele, et al).

It’s my idea of the consummate rifle intended for serious purposes.

The “VLF Special Version” is also available, featuring Robar’s amazingly light, all-polymer, “PolymAR!”

All internals are now NP3’ed. Externals are Armorlube’ed (or polymer coated, at the discretion of the Operator).

At the Operator’s option, a “Sneaky Bag” is included, for low-profile transport.

Our 7.62×51 version currently features “designated marksman” optics (1×8) from Vortex, Nightforce, Elcan, et al and offset Magpul foldable BUIS. It’s based on a POF Revolution Rifle, but is also available based on a RA/XCR-M, DSA/SA58, and PTR/KFM4R.

We’re currently looking at a Kalashnikov version in 7.62×39!

FS Rifles are not “production guns,” and we surely don’t plan on going into competition with any major manufacturer, as they’re all my personal friends.

FS Rifles are intended only for dedicated Operators who want a serious military rifle, pre-setup for serious purposes!

The FS Rifles come to new owners set-up per the above, test-fired, sighted-in (40m) and ready to be immediately put into serious service!

FS Rifles are light, handy, short, slim, slick and fast! No “oversized,” nor “ambidextrous” controls, nor maladroit, clumsy protrusions. They are reasonably accurate, but all clearances are specified for reliable operation, under severe “field conditions.”

They built for action!

In order to similarly set-up a serious rifle, per the above, one would have to know, of course, whom to contact and what to order. The process would consume several months, and the end-product would not be nearly as good as the one we’re building.

Here is what I don’t like on serious rifles, and thus what you won’t find on the FS:

Ambidextrous/enlarged/extended manual safety lever, bolt-release, charging-handle. Critical controls facing to the outside as the rifle is carried are an invitation to disaster, and a serious rifle doesn’t need maladroit protrusions sticking out into space in any event!

“Battery-assist” devices. The only “control” within the trigger-guard should be the trigger!

Rubber “accurizers.” These chunks of rubber are wedged between the lower and upper receivers in an effort to take “play” out of the system. In actual use, they negatively affect reliability and sometimes break apart, with pieces falling into the trigger sump and causing all manner of problems!

Fixed stock. Stock length needs to be instantly adjustable in order to accommodate different users, changes in clothing, etc. The stock also needs to be able to be shortened/folded for compactness during travel.

Flat-crown muzzle. Flash-hiders are necessary, not only to attenuate muzzle-flash, but to prevent the muzzle from opening-up like a banana when it becomes inadvertently plugged with mud, gravel, and other debris.

Add-ons of dubious utility and mounting. What few accessories that are really necessary need to anchored solidly to a rail. Anything glued, screwed, or pinned to your rifle will invariably come flying off during heavy use!
And, “light” rifles are quickly rendered weighty, cumbersome, clumsy clunks, close to useless, with the addition of a host of awkward “accessories” of doubtful value.

It’s a rifle, not a Leatherman Tool!

State-mandated “hobbling devices.” Some states require thumb-hole stocks, “bullet-point” magazine-release buttons, and other “features”/devices specifically designed to get the user killed! I refuse to play that contemptible political game! Residents of states requiring such unsafe trash on rifles will have to look elsewhere!

In any event, you won’t find any of foregoing junk on my rifle!

Once again, what are FS Rifles for?

They are exclusively for serious personal defense in a typical domestic environment, and nothing else!


When you want a rifle liberally bedecked with bells, whistles, and blinking lights, with which to dazzle/impress your friends and admirers, this isn’t it!

When you want a rifle for plinking, target shooting, and other kinds of casual recreation, this isn’t it!

When you want a rifle for “three-gun” competition, or any species of competition for that matter, this isn’t it!

When you want a rifle that spends its entire life in the box it came in, gathering dust, this isn’t it!


When you want a light, short, handy, but lethal travel-partner; when you want a low-profile “car-gun;” when you want a rifle that is well-suited to air-travel; when you want a rifle that is constantly close at hand and eminently
ready and suitable to protecting you and your family, FS Rifles are the ticket!

Get hold of Freddie Blish for details:

Freddie Blish
Robar Inc
21438 N 7th Av, Suite B
Phoenix, AZ 85027
623 581 2648