30 Jan 19

Democrats move relentlessly left!

The term, “socialist,” once akin to “Communist,” and thus associated with evil and national decay, has suddenly become “acceptable.”

Many, probably most, professing Democrats now claim to be simultaneously “socialists,” and suffer scant loss of political support as a result. In fact, among the unproductive (by choice), the amoral, the sleazy, and those who are content to be willful and permanent burdens upon their fellow countrymen, self-proclaimed “socialists” now enjoy endless idolization.

Societal trash is always attracted to glamorous leftists who have never earned an honorable dime in their lives, yet who persistently denigrate honest wealth (while hiding their own).

Before long, the current crop of trendy “socialists” will all similarly adopt the term, “Communist,” and once more,
become the dimpled darlings of Hollywood and the liberal media.

The term, “Communist,” is rapidly shedding its well-earned negative image!

Anti-gun legislation they endlessly promote is deceptively designed to sound “reasonable,” but like all Communist dogma it invariably promotes the notion that the power of the state is, and should be, limitless, while individual rights and liberties (“… endowed by our Creator,” does anyone remember?) really don’t exist. To Communists (all atheists, by edict), human beings have no sanctity, nor dignity. We are just another dreary, expendable commodity.

Thus, the premise here is not that “guns are dangerous.” That’s not in dispute.

The socialist premise is that people are not capable of possessing dangerous things!

In fact, citizens who choose to keep and bear arms represent an automatic threat to the state!

How dare they think they have “rights?”

Communists (by whatever label they’re currently wearing) have mastered the art of propaganda, for more than a century.

Our side, the liberty-loving among us who are addicted to freedom, capitalism, and individual responsibility, are often clueless, complicit, or both.

The problem is, of course, socialism/Communism is inexorably “one-way.” When they seize power, they never surrender it voluntarily. They intend to abolish all our “inalienable” rights, starting with our Second Amendment.

Gulags for the recalcitrant!

As beleaguered Venezuelans are painfully discovering right now:

“The problem with socialism is:

You can vote your way into it,

… but you’ll have to shoot your way out of it!”