1 Feb 19
As night follows day!

On Sunday, eighteen-year-old Yonaiker Ordonez was murdered in the middle of the night by “FAES” agents in Venezuela, under the direction of Marxist strongman, Nicolas Maduro .

FAES “agents” (aka: “nationalized thugs”) kicked-in the door of Ordonez’s family’s home (no warrant, no warning), dragged Yonaiker away, and shot him to death minutes later.

Ordonez’s only “crime” was that he attended a public protest several days earlier and was apparently identified there by members of Maduro’s constabulary of “special informants.”

Depressing historical experience clearly demonstrates that armed, “secret police” are an indispensable segment of totalitarian regimes. They are capable of “crushing dissent,” only because they know that targets of their infamous midnight raids have been previously disarmed, and are thus unable to fight back!

Maduro’s FAES are merely a modern-day (and oh-so predictable) variant of Stalin’s justly-feared, psychotically brutal NKVD.

All-too familiar tactics of wholesale “terrorizing” employed by the dreaded NKVD in the 1930s, and now by the Venezuelan FAES in 2019, are identical, which comes as a surprise only to naive liberal snowflakes, who never study history!

Absent any species of “due process,” both entities imprison (indefinitely, in modern-day dungeons, called “gulags”), interrogate, torture, and murder opponents (real and imagined) of Communist despots. It represents a solid line of steady employment for sadists, who are sexually aroused at the prospect of torturing and murdering innocent people.

Sadists are attracted to, and are readily employed by, Marxist totalitarian regimes (is there another kind?).

Never forget, Maduro took power in Venezuela to the unmitigated cheers of virtually every Democrat politician in the USA. Even now, leading Democrats hesitate to criticize their fellow Marxist, insisting that his excesses have been “overblown!”

They predictably protect each other!

Obligatory to all failed/failing experiments with Communism/socialism, is the siren-song that citizens don’t need to possess guns.

Today, we are treated daily to squeals of an expanding coterie of arrogant liberals, cheered-on by Hollywood and the media, as they make the rounds of talk-shows advocating vociferously for a ban of private ownership of firearms.

Sadly, history drearily demonstrates that progressive “persuasion” on the part of Marxists, in its finalized, perfected form, always ends-up taking the form of a bullet, usually to the back of the head!

It’s happening right now in Venezuela!

Whenever Communists/socialists come face-to-face with annoying resistance from opponents of their hard-left policies, starting with across-the-board disarmament of citizens, by default they move swiftly (and without apology) to create their own version of the NKVD.

Curiously Democrats, all unified in hysterical demonetization of American-gun owners, are strangely silent, even now, when confronted with opportunities condemn Maduro and his tyranny.

Two generations ago, they were all similarly silent when Castro did the same thing!

During this contemporary rendering of silent approval of socialist despotism in Venezuela, could socialists/liberals here also be pondering this next step in their seizure of power?

Is there any doubt that Kamala, Chucky, Elizabeth, Nancy, and Hillary (who identify far more with Marx and Lenin than they ever have with Washington and Jefferson) will cheerfully herd us all into gulags the first chance they get,

… after we’ve all been forcibly disarmed?

Listen to them speak sometime!

A cryptic, newly-created “secret police,” complete with gulags and midnight raids, will eventually become necessary when leftists decide to steamroller private gun ownership, along with the rest of our “inalienable rights.”

Never doubt it!

“The totalitarian world is built on sacrosanct certainties, whether founded on Marx or Islam.

It is a world of unchallenged ‘answers,’ rather than questions.”


And among Marxists, questions are never tolerated!