31 Mar 18


My students are asking me about carry-flashlights, once more!

Carrying concealed pistols legally requires appropriate licensing, training, and correct mind-set.
Not everyone can do it, nor should!

However, there is no controversy surrounding the carrying of flashlights. There is no age requirement, nor is any kind of permit nor license necessary, and liberals haven’t erected any “Flashlight-Free Zone” signs, at least as yet.

Everyone should carry a tactical flashlight, all the time!

“Tactical” flashlights produce an output of 500 lumens or higher, so they are actually a non-lethal weapon.

“Utility” flashlights produce an output of less than 500 lumens. They are still useful, and recommended, but they
are not powerful enough to function as a “weapon.”

In the realm of tactical flashlights, look at:

1) Firstlight TMAX/LE. I carry my copy on my belt every day. Compact and easy to use. Always handy. Output is 700 lumens.

2) Surefire E2T “Tactician.” Designed by my long-time friend and colleague, James Yeager, Surefire’s E2T has an output of 800 lumens, but is very small and easy to carry.

3) Powertac E5. I use Powertac’s E5 as a weaponlight on my FSM4. Output is 980 lumens, yet very compact.

4) ASP Turbo USB. Output is 920 lumens. Everything made by ASP is top-drawer!

5) Eagtac T25LR. A littler bigger than the above, but with an output of 1100 lumens!

There are other good choices, but these five top the List currently.

Everyone in your family needs one!