26 Mar 18

The “Debate”

Capable or neither objectivity, nor intellectual honesty, our leftist “media” continues to viciously denigrate American guns and gun-owners.

The “debate” is all one-way!

In a cynically fraudulent pretense of “fairness,” they occasionally interview an ostentatious competitive shooter (who doesn’t even carry of gun), a clueless gun-accident victim, or some batty member of a fringy group of paranoid lunatics.

They never interview Operators!

Operators quietly carry concealed guns all day, every day. We have other, heavier guns always close-by, but never obvious. Our guns are not seen, nor do we talk about them. We maintain a low profile, and none who don’t need to know are ever aware.

We conduct our lives so as to make toxic encounters unlikely to begin with, short and unceremonious on those rare occasions when they are unavoidable.

Because we keep and handle guns carefully and correctly, we don’t have accidents. You won’t find the nonchalant and apathetic among us!

We “go armed” as a permanent and deliberate lifestyle, and we teach valuable gun-skills and correct philosophy to the worthy among our friends.

We have scant patience with clueless liberals, who are content to remain deliberately ignorant, and then self-righteously shower us with the shallow refrain:

“Guns are ishy,” ad nauseam.

These same professing liberals need to watch “Schindler’s List!”

And while,

“Nothing is ‘foolproof’ in the presence of a sufficiently-talented fool”

gun accidents are at an all-time low, despite the percentage of gun-owning Americans increasing continually, conspicuously spiking whenever liberals threaten us (as they are now) with universal gun confiscation!

We Operators will continue to quietly go about our lives, doing our best to be of good service, enlightening whom we can, but forever shunned by the liberal media.

We are preserving, advancing, and refining critical weapon skills, an invaluable body of knowledge, for the benefit of the next generation of American Operators.

Therein, we will not fail!

“The ‘best gun’ is the one that is never brandished, just as the best poker-hand is the one no one ever sees!”