2 Apr 18

Beretta APX Pistol

I’ve been carrying my copy of the Beretta APX for six months, and it has several thousand rounds of 9mm ammunition through it, all brands, most of it +p.

The APX is Beretta’s version of the G17. It’s an 18-shooter. I really like the ergonomics and trigger, and my APX has never hiccuped!

Several weeks ago, during a DTI Vehicle Defense Course in FL, I was demonstrating a tactical exercise in front of my students, using my APX pistol. When I fired the fourth round, at a pace of one round per second, the chambered case ruptured at the base, leaking high-pressure gas into the receiver.

Ammunition was 115gr +p, factory, from a main-stream, and very reputable, manufacturer.

Like all modern pistols, the APX is designed to protect the shooter when something like this happens (which does occasionally, with all pistols).

Leaking gas is channeled into the magazine well, which usually results in the magazine itself projectile-ejecting.

In my case, the magazine body stayed inside the pistol while the follower, remaining rounds, spring, and base-plate all jettisoned out the bottom.

The extractor blew off the pistol. This is also very typical, and by design.

The bullet squirted out the muzzle and went downrange.

Frame, slide, and barrel were all undamaged.

I ended-up with a few smudge-marks on my hands, but no injury.

I borrowed another pistol, and our Course continued, none the worse for ware!

When I got home, I called friends at Beretta and told them about the incident. They asked me to send the pistol back to them, which I did.

It was returned to me ten days later, repaired, inspected, and test-fired. Damaged magazine was replaced.

No charge, and Beretta covered shipping, both ways.

My APX is now back in service, in my Comp-Tac IWB holster, as I write this!

The Beretta APX is one of several excellent, modern defensive pistols, including Glock, SA/XD, S&W M&P, FNS/509, Canik TP9SF/Elite, Walther PPQ/PPSM2, SIG 320/365, Kahr PM9, H&K VP9, Ruger American, and CZ’s P10C.

I’ve carried just about all of them!

All feature polymer frames and are striker-fired. All feature variable grip-geometry. Most do not have a manual safety. None have a decocking-lever, nor button.

All experience gas-ruptures, as described above, sometimes called “KBs” It’s pretty rare, but these modern pistols are designed, as noted above, to protect the shooter when it happens. And particularly with pistols chambered for 9mm, significant damage to the pistol itself, as well as injury to the shooter, are both unlikely.

Most can be quickly fixed and return to service, as mine was.

As an Operator, there is a excellent chance you’ll get through your entire life, shooting countless thousands of rounds in the process, and never experience even your first KB.

In over fifty years of shooting and teaching, this is my second. Neither resulted in personal injury, nor significant damage to the pistol. Both were with factory ammunition.

I really don’t think it is possible to make a serious pistol, nor ammunition, any “safer” than they are now!

I can’t say enough about Beretta’s Customer Service. They didn’t quibble, and they didn’t nickel/dime me to death. They just quietly fixed my pistol and sent me on my way, a happy customer.

They are top-drawer!