29 May 19

At least some in Western Europe are finally fed-up, as reflected in France’s recent elections!

Fast-moving French police have arrested four in connection with an explosion a week ago Friday on a street-corner in the city of Lyon , which injured thirteen.

Curious that we’re seeing a definite shift in the way incidents like this one are being reported in the French press:

In local news reports on the incident, there is suddenly zero sympathy for the Islamic/Algerian suspects. This is in sharp contrast to the way Islamic terrorist attacks on Western culture have been reported in the past!

Previously, “enforced victimhood,” as currently practiced in CONUS and promoted by the leftist media worldwide, crowded-out all other viewpoints.

No longer!

The leftist mantra, “Let’s all be good little victims,” has suddenly lost its appeal, at least in France, after decades of battering at the hands of radical Islamic jihadis.

Islamic terror attacks have been responsible for over 250 murdered French citizens since 2015,

Twenty times that number injured.

In America, our leftist media still gushes with sympathy over Islamic terrorists, but in other parts of the world, Islamic radicalism has worn-out its welcome, as we see!

Yet, radical Islamic jihadis are alive and active in every corner of the world, from France to Sri Lanka, to CONUS, always promoting “violent evangelism!”

Western Civilization tolerates this at our peril!