2 Nov 17

Fall Hunt at Shawnee Ridge (shawneehunting.com)

Yesterday, Vicki and I, along with several friends, spent the day hunting in southern OH. I used my Robinson Arms XCR in 300Blk. Vicki used her new Inland Mfg M1 Carbine. I have an Aimpoint TI, forward-mounted. Vicki used iron sights that came on the rifle. Both of us used Cor-Bon DPX ammunition!

On-property was a 600lb African Gnu, with a foul attitude! He was beautiful, but dangerous, and he was my assignment!

We stalked him for a hour or so, and I finally got a broadside shot at a range of 75m. My view was through a thick stand of trees. I asked my guide if we could get closer, and he replied that we were already too close. It started to remind me of my Cape Buffalo hunt in South Africa five years ago!

I put the red dot on his shoulder and pressed carefully. When the shot broke, I immediately caught the link and delivered a second shot within less than a second. As it turned out, both shots struck in almost the same spot!

DPX bullets performed spectacularly, as they always do. The animal went right down, but then got right back up!

I was on the link, ready to deliver a third shot, but he went behind some trees. When he reemerged, he immediately went down for good. When we approached, a shot to his head brought the whole thing to an end.

None of my bullets exited.

African animals are tough, but the 300Blk was up to the task!

Later in the afternoon, Vicki was able to take a single shot with her Inland M1 Carbine at a 70lb Hawaiian sheep.

Range was uphill, 80m.

A single DPX round hit the animal’s shoulder, and fully expanded, went through and through!

The ram took two steps and collapsed. A second shot was unnecessary!

Both rifles ran flawlessly, as expected.

Nothing tops Cor-Bon’s all-copper DPX bullets for terminal performance!

We do this once a year, and we relish the opportunity to hunt with our military weapons.

I believe hunting adventures like this one are an important contributor to my mental health! We are fortunate to be able to do it.