3 Nov 17

Update from CorBon:

Peter Pi, CEO of CorBon, and my friend, knows only too well about the frustration of his many loyal customers in trying to find CorBon DPX ammunition.

Pete is an ammunition company CEO who is, himself, a genuine Operator!

Here is what he told me today:

“It’s great your students are inquiring. It gives me a chance to set the record straight and quench the rumor mill.

I started CorBon Ammunition back in Detroit, MI in 1982 and years later moved the business to our new facility in Sturgis, SD , where it is now.

The Pi family has owned CorBon since it’s inception, and still owns 100% of the company, thirty-vive years later. Unfortunately, competitors and detractors sometimes start destructive rumors. Goes with the territory!

The problem with our famous DPX line of ammunition is a classic example of the big company trying to crush a smaller one.

Remington bought Barnes Bullets. Barnes was our supplier of DPX bullets, made to our specifications. In fact, I worked with them on the design and testing of the product. Without warning, they cancelled our contract, saying, ‘We will no longer sell you bullets.’

Remington/Barnes intended to manufacture a contending DPX line of ammunition and obviously preferred not to have us competing with them.

This left us with a couple of choices.

Either find another vendor, or make DPX bullets in-house.

After months of working with several alternative vendors, we reluctantly realized that, if we were going to market superior DPX ammunition, worthy of our name and that out-performed all others, we would have to make it ourselves!

I had no idea when we started the project that it would take this long, and use up all the resources the company had, and then some! But, I refused to compromise and refused to put out a product to my loyal customers, unless it was the best on the market.

It’s been a long, rocky, and expensive road, but we are now very close to being able to, once again, produce DPX ammunition that I’m proud of, and a product that my customers can stake their lives on!

We currently have orders for several million rounds of DPX. We will begin filling orders sometime in December, and will fill them from the oldest to the newest. We have lots of customers who have been patiently waiting, and they will be rewarded for their loyalty.

It will take us a while to get caught up, but we will get there.

We do plan on bringing back the DPX 30 Carbine round eventually, but right now we have to concentrate on pistol calibers, as you can imagine.”

So, that is the latest.

I’ve always been happy to recommend CorBon ammunition for serious purposes. Because of Pete’s personal devotion to excellence, I’ve no doubt CorBon ammunition will continue to be the first choice of Operators worldwide!