14 July 20 From a friend and student in western CO: “Every piece of available real estate, from Aspen to Glenwood Spgs, has sold in the last month to scared people frantically trying to escape Democrat mayors, city councils, and the Democrat-promoted terrorism by their murderous proxies, ANTIFA and BLM! We’re seeing a massive, forlorn exodus from Democrat-controlled CA, OR, WA, MN, IL, NY, NJ, MA, et al.Realtors here are happy, at least in the short term! The rest of us mountain folks are horrified! Liberal twits voted these sleazy Communist thugs into office, and are now desperately fleeing their own handiwork! When Communists (masquerading as “Democrats”) seize political power, chaos, squalor, poverty, unemployment, dependency, violence, subjugation quickly follow in their train, as we’re seeing! We don’t want people who voted for these Marxist criminals suddenly moving-in and promptly demanding our local police be de-funded and that all of us be forced to turn-in our privately-owned guns! That may make them feel “right at home,” but the freedom-loving among us don’t want it, nor them!” Comment: ChiComs were delighted to the extreme when the Australian government commenced draconian disarmament of its entire firearms-owning populace in 1996. More recently, New Zealand followed. Until the end of the 20th Century, Aussies and New Zealanders (like us) had a well-earned reputation as formidable armed warriors. Two decades of rule by Marxists have destroyed that once-proud tradition. As noted, the Chinese could not be more pleased! Chinese are persuaded that all of Western Civilization is soft, divided, confused, stupid, in disarray, and ripe for unceremonious relegation to the dustbin of history. They’re largely correct! “The fundamental basis of this Nation’s law was given to Moses on the Mount. The fundamental basis of our Bill of Rights comes from the teachings which we get from Exodus and St Matthew, from Isaiah and St Paul.” Harry S Truman /John