10 July 20 More Symptoms: Minneapolis LEOs, who witnessed one of their own police precincts abandoned by their spineless mayor to a raging mob, are now popping “blue parachutes” and bailing-out of their burning city. They’re filing disability claims by the hundreds! Homes in Minneapolis are selling cheap! This ominous trend is spreading nationwide. We’re seeing it in NYC, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta. Hard-working LEOs, reviled and threatened both by The Mob as well as by Democrat politicians, will continue to resign and retire in numbers too large to count! American citizens are “on their own” as never before, not just in cities, but in suburbs, rural areas too: CA’s Democrat governor is precipitously releasing 8k incarcerated convicts, on the fraudulent pretext of “preventing the spread of Covid19.” No explanation with regard to how this will slow the spread of the disease!Also no comment with regard to the predictable surge in violent crime, as all these violent felons predictably re-offend, the first chance they get! St Petersburg, FL’s police chief has announced that his uniformed officers will not respond to 911 calls that are “non-violent,” whatever that means. So, don’t bother calling the police when a suspicious person is snooping around your home, stealing anything he can pick-up! In the interim, this department is “downsizing!” “The ‘control’ we believe we have is an illusion. Every moment, we teeter on chaos and oblivion.” Clive Barker /John