15 July 20 “How do I have productive days, with minimum drama? Simple: I mind my own business!” Steve Maraboli Yesterday, at a convenience store near Lansing, MI, a man entered the store and was immediately confronted by another man who scolded the first man for not wearing a mask. The first man apparently took offense, produced a knife, and stabbed his critic, then ran out of the store! The man who was stabbed is in “serious condition,” but expected to survive. The single suspect was tracked-down and confronted by a Sheriff’s Deputy a short time later. When the suspect, with knife(s) in hand, assaulted the Deputy at close range, he was shot multiple times. Suspect was DRT at the scene. Deputy was uninjured. So, that part had a happy ending! Back to the convenience store! Lesson for all of us: Don’t confront people you don’t know and presume to tell them what they should be, or shouldn’t be, doing! Precipitously providing uninvited, pejorative advice to strangers is not compatible with good health, as we see! In our current tense national environment, we all need to be very good at minding our own business, particularly around convenience stores! “Entire groups of people, with what seems like an infinite amount of time on their hands, are continuously enraged over all manner of things that don’t even affect them” Lindsey Ouimet /John