7 Sept 22
“A superior man, when resting in ‘safety,’ forgets not that peril is ever-present. When in a state of ‘security,’ he forgets not that ruin is only a breath away. When all is ‘’orderly, he forgets not that chaos ever hovers over him.
Even while jogging…!
As the recent high-profile kidnapping/murder in Memphis, TN clearly and tragically illustrates:
When precipitously attacked by a VCA(s), you’ll have only seconds to react in some kind of efficacious way that will keep you from being murdered!
Media pundits are currently agonizing over what one can do to enhance the “de-selection” process, all of which is relevant, yet innocent people are routinely selected for violent criminal victimization for all kinds of reasons (some comprehendible, some not), sometimes for no reason at all!
Thus, trying to predict “relative level of danger” for any particular time/place/circumstance is akin to predicting the weather. The difference is that in the former case you’re wagering your very life on the inerrable accuracy of your prediction!
And yes, foolish people lose their lives every day while in the process of doing stupid things, and finding themselves in stupid places. And yes, that was their ill-advised choice. However, many others similarly meet their doom while in perfectly reasonable places, and while going about perfectly reasonable activities. They’re just as dead as the fools in the former case!
In the later case, they were told, “You’re perfectly safe here!”
Never believe it!
Accordingly, when I advise to “go armed,” I mean everywhere, and at all times, even while jogging!
When your pistol is not in your hand within a few seconds of you being aware of the critical need, it may as well not be there. Many have been murdered when their hand was just a few inches/seconds away from their protective pistol. They didn’t/couldn’t get to it in time!
Alertness, awareness, avoidance, prudence, de-selection- all are crucial, no doubt.
Yet, when staring death in the face (despite your best efforts at avoidance) you’re going to need a deadly weapon in-hand instantly, in order for you to have much chance of living through it, as we see!
Like parachutes and fire-extinguishers, guns are emergency/safety equipment. When you require one, your need will be immediate, critical, and desperate. And, when unprepared, you’ll likely never need one again!
“For a change, Lady Luck seems to be smiling on me. Then again, maybe the fickle wench is just lulling me into a false sense of security- while she reaches for a rock!”
Timothy Zahn