5 Sept 22
This is “Unity?”
Communists seeking to seize and expand their political power (is there any self-respecting Communist who isn’t?) always start by picking-on groups/causes that have, or that can be denigrated to have, unpopularity, like gun-owners, the “non-vaccinated,” police officers, business-owners (capitalists), private employers, private investors, etc (collectively knows as “kulacks”), deliberately dividing society into mutually-bitter segments.
All the above otherwise law-abiding citizens are then cynically described by the left’s media puppets as “threats to society,” as justification for having their property arbitrarily seized, and their rights, freedom, and livelihoods taken away from them.
The “provisional wing” of the Democrat political party is ANTIFA.
When masked, armed members show-up at events, blatantly threatening everyone there with their openly-carried “assault weapons,” restrictions on such weapons somehow never seem to apply to them, as they would to any of the rest of us. I wonder if ANTIFA devotees and their Democrat apologists/supporters are aware enough to realize that they’ve shamelessly borrowed both tactics and uniforms from Mussolini’s political thugs (fascists) from the 1930s!
Meanwhile, energy-starved Europe is facing impending winter months with fuel from Russia cut-off! Many are now nervously heading to the woods with chainsaws, as “freezing in the dark” represents a gloomy fate that is currently more than just conversation!
Personal self-sufficiency, independence, and readiness are critical, more so every day, no matter here you live!