2 Feb 19

The Autochthonic Personal Paranoia of Leftist Politicians:

UK’s Home Secretary’s latest plan to tackle the nation’s precipitous, amazing “Knife Crime Emergency” involves the issuance of “Knife Crime Prevention Orders” (KCPO) to persons over the age of twelve, who are believed by police to routinely carry a blade.

There has been, of course, no response to the question what KCPOs are supposed to accomplish!

And, once all knives in the UK have been confiscated and destroyed, and once all incarcerated bladesmiths, butchers, chefs, and cooks are tasked with destroying plastic straws during their mandatory lifetime residence upon the Isle of Wight, what will ever-meddling, hyper-paranoid leftists target next?

Will it indeed be plastic straws, screwdrivers, hair-dryers, cricket bats, or human thought?

Will the Home Secretary now commission a freshly-uniformed legion of “Thought Police” to go about and arrest all who have the audacity to think “non-government-approved” thoughts?

Delusional political leftists, here and there, at all times surrounding themselves with heavily-armed bodyguards (while simultaneously insisting that the rest of us be forcibly stripped of every single object whose use as a “weapon” could possibly be imagined), are nonetheless continuously persuaded that everyone is “out to get them.”

Oh that it were true!

“The idea of the ‘paranoid style’ as a force in politics would have little contemporary relevance, nor historical value, if it were applied only to men with profoundly disturbed minds.

It is the use of paranoid modes of expression by more-or-less ‘normal’ people that makes the phenomenon significant.”