16 Dec 15

A little history:

“Another significant development in the art of ‘verbal cleansing’ has been changing the names used to describe people who espouse government intervention in the economy and society, as most intellectuals tend to do. In the United Stares, such people changed their own designation more than once during the course of the Twentieth Century. At the beginning of that century, such people called themselves ‘Progressives.’ However, by the 1920s, experience had led American voters to repudiate ‘progressivism’ and to elect national governments with a very different philosophy throughout that entire decade. When the Great Depression of the 1930s again brought to power people with the government intervention philosophy, many of whom had served in the ‘progressive’ Woodrow Wilson Administration, they now changed their name to ‘liberals,’ escaping the connotations of their earlier incarnation, much as people escape their financial debts through bankruptcy.

The long reign of ‘liberalism’ in the United States, which lasted, with few interruptions, from President Franklin D Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ in the 1930s through President Lyndon B Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ of the 1960s, ultimately ended with liberalism being so discredited that later presidential and other political candidates with long records of liberalism rejected that label or rejected labeling altogether as somehow misleading or unworthy. By the end of the Twentieth Century, many liberals began calling themselves ‘progressives,’ thus escaping the connotations which ‘liberalism’ had acquired over the years, but which connotations no longer applied to the word ‘progressive,’ which was from an era too far in the past for most people to associate any experience with that word.”


The favorite passion of liberals/progressives, then and now, is their uninterrupted enthusiasm for interfering with our lives, and punishing all who object. Casual suspension of “due process” is their preferred tool! That is, arbitrarily punishing political opponents and critics, with no charges ever being filed, mostly without notification, ever claiming “necessity.”

For example, today in the “liberal paradise” of NYS, gun-owners can have all their guns arbitrarily seized and hauled away, all with no notice, when:

(1) A “restraining order” is merely requested by an any attorney, for any reason, whether actually granted or not.

(2) Any person serving in the “medical field” (never specified) says you are “mentally unfit” (never defined) to possess arms. Such allegations need not be confirmed, nor corroborated.

(3) When an “anonymous party” says your conduct was in any way threatening, or even “inappropriate” or “offensive” (once more, terms are never defined). As always, such allegations are never investigated, nor corroborated.

Thus, with a stroke of a pen, an anonymous, inaccessible bureaucrat makes sure your Second Amendment Rights are permanently taken away from you, all without so much as a hearing (much less a trial), without any charges ever being filed against you, without notice. The so-called “appeal process” is a cruel, interminable, expensive joke! And, once seized, you’ll never get your guns back anyway, even with a court order. They’ll either “lose” them, or what you get back (years hence) will be a unrecognizable pile of rusted scrap.

The foregoing abuses occur in NYS daily!

NY’s cadre of liberals politicians know gun-owners don’t vote for them anyway, so they can be thus arbitrarily “punished” with little risk to political careers. Rights of citizens never even come up in the discussion!

On a national level, HRC laments endlessly that those on the mysterious “no-fly list” can still legally buy guns.

No one even knows who maintains the “no-fly list,” who is on it, how one gets on it, nor how one gets off of it. There is no appeal process. It is a total mystery, completely arbitrary and utterly inaccessible. The perfect tool for abuse, and HRC is right there!

How long will it be before critics and political opponents of HRC all suddenly find themselves on this list, or another like it, permanently disenfranchised and defenseless, with nothing they can do about it?

This is the inherent danger when due process is suspended “for the children,” “for our safety,” ad nauseam. This is the tool liberals will use to ruthlessly to strip us of all our rights

Don’t be deceived by self-righteous rhetoric. Liberals mean to rule! They always have, no matter what they call themselves.

“Find out just what the people will submit to and you will have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

Frederick Douglass