23 Dec 15

“Style is time’s fool. Form is time’s student.”

Stewart Brand

After a relatively “soft” year for the gun/ammunition industry, we are now in the middle of a year-end spike in interest and demand. In parallel, CCW applications are currently way up in all states.

Three reasons: (1) Recent Islamic terrorist attacks on US soil, not to mention others in Europe and more-or-less continuous stabbing attacks in Israel. (2) Violent crime off the chart in most domestic metro areas, and (3) BHO, HRC, as well as Democrats in general and their lackeys in the liberal media, predictably calling for draconian prohibitions of gun ownership in America, as always condescendingly assuring honest American citizens (who don’t commit crimes) that we are all too stupid to own guns.

Skeptical, and righteously resentful, Americans, who don’t trust this sleazy Administration (and shouldn’t), are responding by running out and buying guns, many for the first time!

However, the sad truth is that the majority of pistols and revolvers currently being hurriedly purchased will spend the next twenty years of their lives as “hanger queens,” quietly sitting in gun safes, in the boxes they came in, ever-gathering dust. Most will never be fired, much less carried concealed by their new owners.

Accordingly, in the next life-threatening situation, when their new owners desperately need these guns, along with skills and determination to use them competently, none of that will be available, their owners will be effortlessly murdered as a result, and the entire gun-buying affair will therefore have amounted to little more than a pointless exercise in self-deception!

For many among the self-delusional, the gun is thus merely a symbol, icon, or good-luck charm, rather than a genuine and deadly weapon.

And, if you are wondering is there is a point lurking in the foregoing, it is this:

Carefully selecting a holster (or, perhaps I should say “carry system”) is more important to new gun owners than selecting a gun itself, because your holster is the one thing that makes your gun available to you at the critical moment!

The pistol or revolver you buy as a way of effectively dealing with unexpected threats must be in a high state of readiness, and instantly available to you, every waking minute of your day, or it is mostly useless for any serious purpose. Some guns are ostensibly purchased strictly for recreational purposes, or so goes the theory, but even these may some day be necessarily pressed into service as bona-fide weapons.

Once again, your “carry system” must be capable of allowing you to reliably, comfortably, and safely carry a loaded pistol, concealed, on your person, day-in and day-out. Conversely, carrying “naked,” pistols loose in pockets, purses, or stuck into belts is a predictable recipe for gun accidents! For serious daily, concealed carry, a well-designed, high-quality holster is absolutely required.

However, an uncomfortable holster will not be used, no matter how much you paid for it!

When your holster does not provide for reliable and instant access to your pistol, from all postures, you are kidding yourself, dangerously!

And, when your “carry system” has no provision for a rapid reload, it is weak and shallow!

So, first and foremost, pay no attention to garbage you see on TV “cop shows.” Most of those actors don’t even own a gun, and probably shouldn’t!

Acceptable options are:

Belt-carry, behind the iliac crest
Belt-carry in front of the iliac crest
Belt-carry, cross-draw
Ankle holster
“Underwear” holsters
Off-body carry (purses and handbags)

One thing to keep in mind with esoteric options (like ankle holsters), most are “one-way.” That is, the pistol may come out speedily enough, but reholstering requires both hands, diverts your attention from threat(s), and cannot be done quickly.

My favorite sources:

Flashbangholsters (Looper’s Leather)
Mitch Rosen
Rusty Sherrick
Milt Sparks
Lou Alessi (Tom Kulwicki)
Holsters Plus (Ed Santos)
GTM (Gun Totin’ Mammas)
Militis (militiskydex)
Concealed Carry Shirt (Tacticalgear.com)

CEOs of all the foregoing are personal friends. Like me, they go armed on a regular basis, and know what they’re doing. Both products and advice are excellent.

There are many other wonderful manufacturers. I just can’t keep track of them all!

To reiterate, your holster is the key to making your pistol truly useful, and making it possible for you to legitimately “go armed.” Without it, your pistol won’t be there when you need it, and will as noted, likely fill no other role than that of an expensive and dormant hanger queen.