19 Nov 15

‘Liberals fully expect a chocolate cake to emerge when they dump together vinegar and baking soda, and are astonished when it doesn’t happen!”


Illegal immigration in New Zealand and Australia, paraphrased from a US citizen, and friend, living there:

“In New Zealand and Australia, illegal immigrants (including ‘visa overstays’) comprise one quarter of one percent of our population. Even so, they are regularly tracked-down and immediately deported. Compare that with at least ten percent in the USA. Maybe more. No one really knows!

The reason for this vast difference is that illegal immigration isn’t tolerated here. It is against the law, and, unlike in the USA, the law is enforced!

Legal immigration is, of course, allowed, but under clear and consistent rules. As with any nation, we can only absorb a finite number of foreigners who are not accustomed to our culture and language. Legal immigrants are expected to assimilate, learn and use our language, obey our laws, embrace our culture, and become productive, contributing, tax-paying members of our society.

By contrast, who want to come here solely to take advantage of our welfare system, or to become ensconced within ethnic/religious enclaves, and thus be permanently nonproductive burdens on the rest of us are, frankly, not welcome!

In our nation, we don’t have exclusive, isolated Moslem “areas,” populated by people who expect the rest of us to adopt to their culture and language! Who don’t want to assimilate into our unique culture, and productively integrate themselves into our social and economic system, who don’t share our values are, frankly, not welcome!

We believe in national sovereignty. Our allegiance is first and foremost to our own citizens. In particular, unlike the USA, we don’t pretend that our nation is a good place for everyone. We don’t have ‘sanctuary cities’ here. This is Australia. This is what we are about. This is whom we are. When you aren’t willing to be this way, when you aren’t willing to follow our rules, don’t come. You’re not welcome!

We don’t have ‘anchor babies’ here. They are quickly deported, along with their parent(s).

Visa ‘overstays’ are deported, just like all other illegals, and are not allowed to return for several years, and not until they have repaid us all the money we had to spend tracking them down and deporting them.

‘Boat people’ are not allowed to stay. A core platform of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s victory in our 2013 elections was to ‘stop the boats,’ and he did! Illegal boatloads are towed or escorted back to Indonesia.

All nations have the right to their own sovereignty. The first and foremost duty of any government is to look after and protect the best interests of its own people.”

Comment: In the foregoing, we can see the difference between a “nation of laws,” and a “nation of agendas”

Here in the USA, for the last seven years, we’ve had the latter!

“Nothing has done so much to destroy juridical safeguards of individual freedom as the striving after the mirage of ‘social justice.’”

Fredrich August von Hayek