10 Aug 23
“‘Civil rights’ used to be about treating everyone the same.
But today, some are so used to special treatment that equal treatment is considered ‘discrimination!’”
Thomas Sowell
Who champion “diversity” need to be asked how many conservatives serve on the LA City council!
Anti-police/anti-policing sentiment among far-left activists (ie: Communists, many of whom sit on the LA City Council), and tacitly supported by Democrats and most of the media, has manufactured a “crisis of policing” in LA (and many other metro areas)
Current LAPD Police Chief, Michael Moore, is reluctantly reporting LAPD’s complement of sworn officers has now dropped below 9k, for the first time since the 1990s
The City’s budget calls for 9300 sworn officers (from a high of 9900 in 2010), but hiring is going poorly. Understandably, no one wants to be a cop, even with lowered hiring standards! Current recruit class has only twenty-five candidates.
As a result, there are no longer enough patrolmen and detectives to handle “petty crimes.”
In practical terms, what this means is that when you call police in LA for anything short of a life-threatening, forcible felony in progress, they’re not coming!
The operator will curtly tell you to go the their Web Page “file a report on-line.”
Thus, beleaguered LA residents, who are still paying ridiculously high, first-world taxes, in exchange get to live in a third-world sewer!
In the 1990s, Mayor Rudy Giuliani in NYC warned that when a window in a building is broken, and left unrepaired, all the rest of the windows will soon be broken. “Petty crimes,” vandalism, graffiti, burglary, public begging, squatting, illegal drug use, prostitution, filth, when not dealt with promptly and appropriately, quickly digress into out-of-control major crimes.
There is no debating this!
And, this is exactly what we’re currently seeing in Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and yes, LA. As a result, people (especially the productive) are fleeing these liberal-manufactured sewers as fast as they can!
Of course, Giuliani was viciously ridiculed and scorned by Democrats and their media commissars. Yet under Giuliani, NYC was the safest and cleanest big city in America, in the world, and people wanted to live there.
Today, they’re all fleeing NYC too, and for the same reasons!
“No society has ever thrived, because it had a large and growing class of parasites, living off those who produce”
Thomas Sowell, again