23 Nov 22
“Until we re-discover our national values that for centuries have allowed us to rise above our natures and act as civilized men and women, our country will continue to suffer steady deterioration, that disturbs us all.”
Tom DeLay
In reviewing comments on the Colorado Springs shooting incident of last weekend, by readers of the NY Times, it struck me that this nauseating drivel should not be surprising in a nation where kiddy-porn is now “mainstream,” and sanctimoniously defended by Democrat politicians!
Last night, I read dozens of NY Times readers’ comments about Mr Fierro’s heroism.
A few examples:
“It is so tiring to hear adulation heaped upon a genuine hero like Mr Fierro that has to include the fact that he is military veteran. Many veterans turn out to be right-wing extremists, or white supremacists.”
(Note: Mr Fierro is of Hispanic ethnicity)
“All guns need to be banned now. No one needs a gun. Hunting should be banned too.”
“American gun-owners are very dangerous people who need to be identified, registered, monitored constantly, and then arrested and jailed when they pose a danger to public order.”
“Too many veterans have PTSD, or are right-wing kooks. They should never be allowed to buy, nor own, guns.”
“A total gun ban is the only way to safeguard Colorado.”
“I really hate guns, but I hate American gun-owners even more”
“Guns must be confiscated”
As I read these comments, I thought back to the harsh reality of Stalin’s gulags.
Many American leftists apparently support the concept of forcibly rounding-up American gun-owners and all other “counter-revolutionaries,” subsequently confining us within gulags (death camps)
Scary how history repeats itself!
How many of our town squares still display bronze statues of heroic American military heroes?
You’ll find such statues all over Finland, a land of shooters by tradition, hard-core men who destroyed an entire invading Soviet Army in 1939!
Our rapidly-decaying cultural landscape is worrisome. How long before Democrat/NKVD “political officers,” stalk schools and town halls, seeking to arrest all “subversives,” “extremists,” and other “politically incorrect?”
How long before “non-conforming Americans,” once forcibly disarmed, are “relocated” (read that: “dragged from our homes and then quietly exterminated”)?
Can’t happen?
Let a cursory examination of the past one-hundred years prove you wrong!