22 Nov 22
“…if by life or death I can save you, I will!”
– J Tolkien
Just before midnight last Saturday, at a well-known LGBTQ bar and night-club in Colorado Springs, a single VCA, without warning, entered the establishment and started shooting people who were there.
Witnesses describe the shooting as “random.” This VCA was obviously there just to murder innocent people!
He was armed with at least one longarm and one handgun (type/calibers unknown).
At least five fatalities resulted. Four times that number injured.
Minutes later, the perpetrator was arrested by local police at the scene.
This particular establishment had recently received several anonymous threats, but none had ever reared its ugly head, until last weekend.
A retired (as of 2013) Army Officer, Richard Fierro (unarmed), was in attendance when the incident took place. He was there with his wife, daughter, and friends.
Recognizing the sound of gunfire, Fierro instantly sprang into action and quickly “subdued” the VCA, disarming him and in the process striking him multiple times with his (the VCA’s) own handgun, then holding him down until police arrived.
Mr Fierro was assisted by several other equally heroic, but unnamed, patrons. There is little doubt that these heroes saved many lives!
Mr Fierro’s military training obviously kicked-in, without hesitation.
Yes, training matters!
In a subsequent interview, like all genuine heroes, Fierro was without the slightest bravado. He quietly said “I just went into combat mode”
With dreary predictability, a sleazy chorus-line of leftist Colorado politicians has called for drastic legislation to prevent Mr Fierro and other heroic Coloradans from carrying concealed guns, even possessing guns at all!
These same politicians piously declare that what Mr Fierro did last Saturday is “politically incorrect,” and “socially unacceptable.”
Fighting back against violent felons is ever “frowned-upon” by Democrats! They self-righteously declare (while safely behind their own cadre of heavily-armed bodyguards) that passively allowing violent criminals to attack and kill the innocent, without interruption, is “socially ordered” and “socially preferred.”
Woke, leftist Democrats hate heroes, because that is a distinction they themselves will never stand tall enough to reach, and they know it!