26 Nov 22
“It never troubles a wolf how many the sheep be!”
“Jugging” is the new term used to describe what have been otherwise called “follow-home-robberies”
With crime currently breaking all records, complements of the JRB Administration, it is not surprising to hear about an exponentially worsening plague of violent, follow-home robberies occurring during this holiday season, particularly in liberal-run metro areas.
Specifically targeted are elderly and women with children. The most dangerous time is when the victim is approaching their vehicle, or when exiting the vehicle upon arrival home.
Victims are often seriously injured/murdered in the process, and cars themselves are frequently stolen (sometimes with children still inside), along with purses and other personal items.
In addition, Mexican drug cartels, in an effort to supplement their illegal drug income, have routinely kidnapped Mexican citizens and tourists alike and held them for ransom. This has been going on in Mexico for decades.
Now, they’ve extended operations into the USA. Phoenix, AZ has acquired the dubious title of “kidnap capitol” Cartel operatives there are now brazenly kidnapping both legals and illegals, with little fear of interference.
I disagree with advice rendered by “officials” in media interviews when they suggest that there is safety in traveling in groups. It’s pretty clear that violent criminals (who often operate in packs themselves) are not dissuaded by CCTV, the presence of witnesses, etc.
Violent criminals are completely confident that woke politicians are solidly on their side, and they are oh-so right!
What does dissuade violent criminals, without fail, is the likelihood of defensive gunfire. When confronted with the unexpected presence of guns in the hands of “victims,” violent criminals abruptly stop their aggression and flee like mice!
Critically understaffed, de-funded police departments, combined with pro-criminal, woke prosecutors (again, courtesy of leftist politicians), by comparison, represent only a minor deterrent!
More than ever, we’re on our own!