24 Mar 18
“The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is the pretense of intelligent ignorance. The former is teachable; the latter is not.”

Criss Jami

This from a friend and student in Europe:

“Concerning the recent terrorist attack in France.

If the French government could have concealed this event, it would have done so, so apologetic are they for Islamic terrorists.

We, the real Europeans, should not forget these dates:

732 (Charles Martel – battle of Poitiers where the Muslims were stopped)

1565 (Siege of Malta – where the Knights of Saint John stopped the Ottomans from further conquering Europe)

1571 (Battle of Lepanto – where a Christian fleet (Venetians and Spanish, among others) beat the Ottomans

1683 (Battle of Vienna – where the Ottomans lost the siege and were pushed back)

People are really scared here! Europeans are acquiring guns any way they can, although European governments want us all to be helpless, defenseless victims.

I pray that I can leave behind me a peaceful place for my children. But, I am not fooling myself.

We are being sold down the river, by our own governments!”

“Who expect any government agency, or corporate entity, to have an innate sense of morality will by severely disappointed.”