20 Oct 20¬†Big Game Hunting in OH!¬†Vicki and I went big-game hunting at Shawnee Ridge (OH) today.¬†http://shawneehunting.com/¬†I stalked and finally got a broadside shot at a one-hundred-pound Red Iranian Ram.¬†Range was 50m. He was mixed-in with a half-dozen other animals, all slowly moving among thick woods in the same direction.¬†I was able to thread my bullet just past the nose of the animal in front of him, and just short of the rear-end of the animal behind him!¬†Window was two seconds.¬†I used my Farnam Signature 7.62×51. This copy built on a Robinson Armament XCR/M, with a 1×8 Vortex Strike Eagle Optic, BFG Vickers Sling, Powertac E5R/G4 flashlight, Lancer 25-round magazine, Magpul offset BUIS (folded down when not actually in use).¬†Ammunition was 168gr Barnes Vor-Tx (all copper, polymer tip).¬†The bullet expanded as designed (judging from the exit-wound) and went through-and-through.¬†It was not recovered.¬†It struck on the point of the shoulder, as intended.¬†As always, I was immediately on the link, prepared to deliver a second shot, but it was unnecessary.¬†The animal dropped in place and never took another breath!¬†Rifle and ammunition performed as advertised!¬†Vicki, using her Robar Polymar M4 (w/Aimpoint H1), again with a single shot, took down a Black Hawaiian Ram.¬†Range 40m.¬†He was quartered, walking away. Bullet entered at the right shoulder and exited (fully expanded) at the neck.¬†Only one round fired.¬†Ammunition was Supervel 62gr SCHP (Solid Copper Hollow Point).¬†The ram jumped, turned to the side, and slowly walked 10m before dropping dead.¬†It was a great day!¬†We really enjoy hunting big game with our military weapons!¬†It is a marvelous challenge for our equipment, and ourselves.¬†Our guide paid us both a wonderful complement:¬†‚ÄúIt is really a pleasure to work with people who know how to shoot, and who also know how to handle guns!‚Ä̬†This is what we teach, and this is what we do!¬†I only wish we could do it more often!¬†/John