20 Oct 20 Big Game Hunting in OH! Vicki and I went big-game hunting at Shawnee Ridge (OH) today. http://shawneehunting.com/ I stalked and finally got a broadside shot at a one-hundred-pound Red Iranian Ram. Range was 50m. He was mixed-in with a half-dozen other animals, all slowly moving among thick woods in the same direction. I was able to thread my bullet just past the nose of the animal in front of him, and just short of the rear-end of the animal behind him! Window was two seconds. I used my Farnam Signature 7.62×51. This copy built on a Robinson Armament XCR/M, with a 1×8 Vortex Strike Eagle Optic, BFG Vickers Sling, Powertac E5R/G4 flashlight, Lancer 25-round magazine, Magpul offset BUIS (folded down when not actually in use). Ammunition was 168gr Barnes Vor-Tx (all copper, polymer tip). The bullet expanded as designed (judging from the exit-wound) and went through-and-through. It was not recovered. It struck on the point of the shoulder, as intended. As always, I was immediately on the link, prepared to deliver a second shot, but it was unnecessary. The animal dropped in place and never took another breath! Rifle and ammunition performed as advertised! Vicki, using her Robar Polymar M4 (w/Aimpoint H1), again with a single shot, took down a Black Hawaiian Ram. Range 40m. He was quartered, walking away. Bullet entered at the right shoulder and exited (fully expanded) at the neck. Only one round fired. Ammunition was Supervel 62gr SCHP (Solid Copper Hollow Point). The ram jumped, turned to the side, and slowly walked 10m before dropping dead. It was a great day! We really enjoy hunting big game with our military weapons! It is a marvelous challenge for our equipment, and ourselves. Our guide paid us both a wonderful complement: “It is really a pleasure to work with people who know how to shoot, and who also know how to handle guns!” This is what we teach, and this is what we do! I only wish we could do it more often! /John