21 Oct 20 “When politicians attempt to rationalize violence, the problem worsens.” John Conyers Democrats are reverting to their Marxist roots! Openly sanctioned (by Democrats) political violence is now a daily reality in America. ANTIFA and BLM gangs, empowered and enabled by Democrat/Marxist politicians and their ever-loyal media cheerleaders, are virtually unconstrained throughout the streets of America’s metro areas, particularly those with Democrat mayors. Politically-motivated arson, mayhem, burglary, vandalism, looting, rioting, extortion, theft, and murder are daily occurrences, not infrequent crimes Like it or not, we are going to have to be our own protectors, given Democrat mayors’ direct orders to police to refuse to protect us (and all others whom Democrats regard as “enemies”)
Like Jewish families in Germany in the 1930s, we’ll have to provide our own defense against raging leftists, who have been assured by Democrat politicians that murderous violence directed against supporters of opposing politicians is holy and righteous! As the election approaches, unconstrained leftist mob violence grows exponentially worse. In the days, weeks, and months after the election, it’s anyone’s guess. We’re on our own! “Be bold. Be brave. Don’t ‘thank your lucky stars.’ Stars can’t hear you!” Felix Dennis /John