18 Oct 20 Mas Ayoob and Marty Hayes hit a home run! My friends, colleagues, and fellow ACLDN Board Members, Mas Ayoob and Marty Hayes, have produced an excellent video on the subject of strategies for effectively dealing with mob violence. You can see it at: https://youtu.be/tj7suPt9nHE This is a hot topic right now, and surely will continue to be through most of 2021. It is of particular concern for Operators, and all of us who go armed. I’ve commented on this subject in Quips, but Mas’ careful analysis, references to actual cases, and historical examples go far beyond anything I’ve done! He illuminates this issue as only he can! There is much sage advice, and I’m not sure I agree with everything said, but Mas speaks with eminent authority on this subject, and when Mas speaks, I listen! It is my sincerest recommendation that all of us carefully view this video. And, of course, I strongly recommend becoming a member of ACLDN, when you’re not already. Mas and Marty have done us all, and our Art, an exceptional service in producing this video. Good Show, Guys! /John