15 Mar 22
ILEETA Conference, 2022
Vicki and I are currently attending the annual ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association) Conference in St Louis, MO. We are both teaching classes, along with dozens of other well-known instructors.
Lots of wonderful Classes and Panel Discussions, as well as an extensive vendor area.
Attendance is down slightly due to gas prices, but not much!
All LEO trainers need to be members and attend our annual conferences every chance they get!
Of note:
Aimpoint’s latest RDO is the “Duty RDX” Same size as a T1, but with more clarity. Adjustments are now via a Torx wrench (provided). To their credit, Aimpoint continues to improve their (already excellent) product!
A product called “Spidercuff” is a set of handcuffs where individual cuffs can be separated by twelve inches during application, connected by a retracting cord. The cord can then be retracted, but the suspect cannot re-extend it. This product can make cuffing an obese suspect much easier than with conventional cuffs.
“The Glove” is worn by an officer making a resisted arrest. Contact with skin is required, but the suspect goes right down. I saw it demonstrated several times, and the effect is dramatic! It takes the fight right out of the suspect. It is designed to virtually eliminate “fighting,” and it does!
“Repuls” is a new chemical spray that may well replace OC and CS! Effect is similar to OC, but decontamination requires only water and is very rapid. Effects are relieved quickly!
I finally got a chance to handle Springfield Armory’s new “Hellion” Rifle. It’s an ambidextrous bullpup. Very light and handy! It’s in 5.56×45 and takes STANAG magazines. It has a forward-assist built-into the non-reciprocating charging handle, making silent chamber-checks and silent loading/reloading possible. I’m going to get a copy, as this rifle appears to be well suited to low-profile travel!
Several companies are making sophisticated Level 2 and Level 3 duty holsters. Blackhawk’s offerings are very impressive. Solid and sophisticated. Duty holsters have come a long way!
Video-simulators from Milo, Lasershot, and TI were all set-up and available for attendees to personally experience. All three are very advanced, even from two years ago!
All are “interactive.” Interactivity is extremely sophisticated and mostly seamless! Clarity is excellent. All feature extensive “gallery” scenarios, as well as simulation of real events. Noises and other effects can be inserted at will!
TI’s system was set-up with three, continuous screens, providing a 180 degree experience. This gets very realistic!
Milo’s and Lasershot’s systems are both self-contained and can be set-up and running well within an hour.
Milo’s system’s interactivity is the most sophisticated! Each scenario has virtually hundreds of possible outcomes! Compliance and levels of aggressiveness of suspects and bystanders are all instantly adjustable, on the fly!
This technology is amazing!
More tomorrow!