28 June 20 “The ‘right to be heard’ does not imply a ‘right’ to be taken seriously.” Hubert Humphrey From a friend in South Africa: “The Sharpeville Massacre (21 Mar 60) was our ‘George-Floyd Moment.’ After that, our nation was progressively taken-over by Communists/anarchists. Many argued for less radical ‘reforms,’ but we were swept aside. We heard ‘Kill the colonizers,’ ‘Kill the immigrants’ a lot! Many innocent people were murdered by Communists/anarchists, and continue to be murdered to this day! Today, South Africa is a national version of ‘Chop,’ a squalid, hopelessly-divided, broken, bankrupt, crime-ridden, junk-state. This is your future too, when you allow Communists to take over, under whatever deceitful label (‘progressive,’ ‘socialist,’ ‘Democrat,’ ‘leftist’) they dishonestly represent themselves.” My comments: We are undergoing a variant of Mao’s “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” (1966-1976), where murderous Red Guards “purged” anyone and anything (capitalists, Christians, “bourgeoisie,” etc) who did not engage in approved group-think and obediently, without question nor hesitation, kneel in abject fear before The Mob. Books, entire libraries, were burned. Historical records/artifacts were destroyed. Millions of innocent Chinese were “eliminated,” far more than Hitler could ever claim! Today, here in America, in a typical display of Communist hypocrisy, Minneapolis City Council members (all radical leftists), who are working relentlessly to demolish their own police department, are simultaneously spending taxpayer funds to provide continuous armed security for (you guessed it!) themselves! This luxury is not extended to “ordinary” citizens, of course! Irreplaceable historical monuments across our nation are being vandalized, defaced, pulled-down, and demolished, as Communist mayors, as well as governors, order police not to interfere, nor make arrests. Libraries are next! Congressional Democrats cynically kneel in a “moment of silence” to honor a sleazy, violent career-felon like George Floyd. Yet, they’ve never kneeled, nor so much as interrupted their day in the slightest, for a fallen police officer, fallen soldier! Democrats have not the slightest sympathy for owners of destroyed businesses, nor for productive citizens who watch as their history is stolen from them. Yet, they engage in endless talk about monetary “reparations” in order to “make-up” for “injustices” of a long-forgotten era which no one currently alive had anything to do with! “A Communist takeover could never happen here?” Look around you! “Tyranny and anarchy are never far apart.” Jeremy Bentham /John