1 June 20 “Civilization!” This thin veneer we laughingly call “civilization” is a lot thinner than most think, as we see!
The bungling snowflake mayor of Minneapolis is blaming “white supremacists,” even foreign spies, (never his own incompetence) for non-stop destructive rioting in his city. Next, I’m sure “space aliens” will get the blame! NYC’s Marxist mayor has demanded his police use a “soft hand” as businesses are ransacked and burned, by the block. He can’t very well tell police to do their job, because rioters are all his supporters! Washington DC’s mayor has refused to provide city police to assist our Secret Service in protecting the White House! Professing “liberals” naively elect Communist mayors, thinking they’re “cute” We see the result! With politicians like these, we don’t need foreign invaders! I don’t see improvement any time soon! Remember, Communists thrive on chaos and squalor! Down here at the peon-level, for those of us who must travel in order to make a living, here is advice: 1 Stay in hotels on the outskirts and close to the Interstate that heads straight away from the metro area. Don’t stay in downtown hotels, particularly high-rises! 2 When you head-out for the day, take all valuables and essentials with you. You may not be able to get back to your hotel, and/or it may burn-down in your absence! 3 Have some kind of exit-plan for every stop on your schedule. 4 Be mentally prepared to instantly abandon long-term plans, appointments, etc. When necessary, implement your emergency-exit plan without delay! 5 Go armed! Pistol, rifle, trauma kit, blades, cell phone, cash, credit cards, sturdy shoes/boots, suitable for hiking long distances!

6 Drive your own car, or a rental. Maintain the ability to move rapidly, instantly, any time, anywhere! Have complete, personal control over your movement.¬†7 Keep current on news. Listen to what locals are saying.¬†8 Pay no attention to “lock-down” or “shelter-in-place” advisories/directives. Get out, as quickly as you can, any way you can!¬†One final bit of advice:¬†At a DTI Urban Rifle course last weekend, a student brought a brand-new M4, from a major manufacturer. It was new, in the box, having never been fired.¬†It refused to chamber the first round!¬†An examination revealed that the ejector plunger protruded too far forward from the bolt face, preventing the bolt from closing. The problem was the ejector retaining pin. It’s a small roll-pin, and this one was missing half of the diameter along its full length, allowing the ejector to move too far forward.¬†I routinely carry a spare M4 bolt/carrier group. When we replaced the one that came with this rifle with my spare, the rifle ran fine for the duration!¬†The point is:¬†This rifle could not possibly have been test-fired at the factory, as it would not fire even one round!¬†My advice is thus:¬†Test your gear on a regular basis!¬†Your serious guns should be fired on a regular basis, so you know they work, you know they are zeroed correctly, and will run reliably, faithfully doing their job when it needs to be!¬†Don’t buy new guns and let them spend the next several years in the boxes they came it!¬†Don’t assume new, factory guns will run, no matter who made them!¬†/John