2 June 20 

That noted deadly-force expert, Sleepy Joe, has this sage advice for police: “There are a lot of different things that can change about police training… they can shoot an ‘unarmed’ person coming at them with a knife in the leg, instead of the heart” 

From his suggestion that home-owners buy double-barrel shotguns and then “shoot through the door,” to the foregoing, we can always count of ever-helpful Joe! 

I wonder if Joe’s taxpayer-funded bodyguard detail, doubtless equipped with the same double-barreled shotguns he recommends for the rest of us, has been instructed to shoot murderous attackers in the leg! 

When LEOs (including bodyguard details) look to Sleepy Joe and other sleazy Marxicrat politicians, this is what they can expect: 

“We will never stand in front of you. We will never stand behind you. We will never stand with you. We will never miss an opportunity to eliminate your options for protecting yourselves and the public.

We will always despise you, because you are honorable, not sleazy like us.

We will never forgive you, because you display grace, courage, and innate virtuous personal character that we will forever lack.

And, we will merely tolerate you, only because your badges, guns, and uniforms allow us to retain power and to abuse our authority.” 

Leftists are not good people, never have been, and we are now seeing their true colors, and their true agenda for this nation!