5 June 20
Weep for our nation, and yourselves!
The radical left is a lethal cancer!
Marxists in sheep’s clothing!
They have completely appropriated the Democrat Political Party, and most of the media. All opposing viewpoints have been systematically, violently excluded!
They detest “capitalists” and our property, and shamelessly use violent rioters to destroy both, as we see!
They thrive on squalor and chaos!
To that end, they work tirelessly to disarm and otherwise neuterize our War Fighters, and our police!
They simultaneously work tirelessly to disarm the rest of us, so we cannot defend ourselves from them and their vicious, violent thugs- criminal proxies, whom they congratulate, facilitate, make excuses for, and coddle.
They are currently engaged in violent revolution, and they intend to burn and otherwise destroy everything the rest of us have worked so hard to build, all with the blessing of sleazy leftist politicians who care about nothing but the seizure of expansion of their own political power!
From an LEO, student, and friend in the middle of all this:
“Yesterday I was called to work the street during a BLM protest/riot.
I watched a lot of upset, sometimes aggressively hostile, people exercising their rights.
I stood with my brothers and sisters making sure everyone’s’ rights were protected!

I found myself stuck between BLM protestors and a group of counter-protestors! Both sides were egging each other on, and it quickly turned into a tense standoff, on the verge of a violent, physical confrontation!
Both sides screamed at me to ‘do something!’.
After sixteen years of wearing this uniform, I was finally in total clarity with regard to what the ‘Thin Blue Line’ really is.
I am not a ‘tool for tyranny.’
I am not a thug.
I am not brutal.
I am not here to express political opinions, nor take anyone’s ‘side’
I will not kneel.
I will not march with you.
I will not protest with you.
I will stand!
I will stand with you.
I will stand for you.
When you try to hurt people and destroy property, I will stand against you.
My job is to protect everyone’s’ rights, and enforce the law.
I can do both, and not violate your rights.
My place is right in the middle, holding the ‘Thin Blue Line!’
Both sides simultaneously hate and blame me.
I do this because it must be done.
I do this because I love my country, my home, and all of you, my neighbors.
I will stand in this Line until I no longer can.
Your fingers still point. Your curses still fly.
You curse my name under your breath.
And yes, your insults hurt.
But, I will not quit.
And, I will still come when you call”
This is the kind of selfless hero Marxicrats want thrown out of a job!
Marxicrats are truly despicable, and dangerous!