6 Apr 19

“During the Bosnian War (1992-1995), when you didn’t own guns, you were literally dead.

Many learned that painful lesson, the hard way!”

From a student and veteran of fighting in Bosnia

“Gun Safety” is the new, and deliberately deceptive, code-word for the forced elimination of the the private ownership of guns in America.

Democrat/socialists, instead of frankly talking about outright gun confiscation, which represents their real agenda, now dishonestly camouflage their true intent with misleading babble about “gun safety.”

To them, the only “good” gun is a sterile gun. Socialists insist that all privately-owned guns be “perfectly safe,” all the time, because the only “legitimate use” for guns is recreation (and “recreation” is never critically important).

The ‘serious use” of guns, they never talk about!

Many in the American gun-owning community have gullibly, foolishly bought-into this “safe gun” prevarication.

Yet, as Jeff Cooper reminded us, and we need to continually remind each other, guns that are “perfectly safe” are by definition, “perfectly useless.”

Guns are indeed integral to an endless variety of non-serious, recreational activities. Each brags of a veritable army of enthusiastic devotees, and one challenging the “legitimacy” of any one of their quaint hobbies will be in for a deluge of acid, self-righteous refutation.


And, the preservation of our Second Amendment surely depends upon their continued status as American gun-owners and “gun-enthusiasts,” regardless of the reason.

The real danger is that American gun-owners and assorted gun-enthusiasts will be persuaded that guns they keep must be sterile/inaccessible until the moment their planned use is at hand.

When socialists can thus describe your guns as otherwise“useless,” taking them from you becomes progressively easier for them to justify. After all, your sterile guns are no more critical to your well-being than is a tennis racket or a golf club!

Operators know and understand that “safety,” like “fairness,” is a relative term.

The more “safe” a gun is, the less “ready.” The more “ready,” the less “safe.” Operators continually endeavor to find a reasonable compromise, rather than retreat to one extreme or another.

Legitimate self-defense, via gunfire when necessary, is at the heart of our Second Amendment.

Defense of oneself, one’s family, and one’s nation.

Since we can’t predict when lethal threats will suddenly appear, a reasonable state of “readiness” of our guns is, in fact, critical to our well-being and thus cannot be casually regulated out of existence, as socialists sincerely
want to do!

Our Second Amendment was not carefully, courageously included in our Bill of Rights so that future generations of Americans could occasionally participate in quaint pistol matches, or go duck hunting!

We Americans must never forget the real reason for our Second Amendment, nor for the Bill of Rights in total!

We must jealously protect it forever, from all enemies, and there are plenty of them!