3 Nov 22
“Who fancy themselves ‘The (permanent) Ruling Class’ don’t care about public safety.
Having made it difficult for states and localities to police locally (de-funding police), having left citizens no choice but to protect ourselves as best we can, they now intend to forcibly take our guns away from us (have plainly said as much, and will loudly re-proclaim the moment they’re re-elected).
In fact, they piously blame us tax-paying, law-abiding citizens for violent crime!
This is so wrong, it cannot be an ‘honest mistake.’”
Malcolm Wallop
Leftist politicians, in their relentless pursuit of a return to feudalism, have declared that American citizens really don’t have “rights.” The powers of the government (that they control) are, and should be, unlimited.
We used to enjoy individual rights enumerated in our Constitution’s First Amendment, but now we can have our homes precipitously raided by federal agents and find ourselves thrown into prison for articulating “misinformation.” Of course, “misinformation” is never defined! When you say something about leftist politicians that is unflattering, you’re automatically a “racist,” and also an “extremist,” and thus a “danger to society.”
Accordingly, your relentless persecution, destruction of your property, and your incarceration is justified, indeed hailed and greeted enthusiastically by the leftist media (exactly as it was in Joe Stalin’s USSR in the 1930s)!
We used to enjoy individual rights protected by our Constitution’s Second Amendment, recently reaffirmed by our Supreme Court (New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen). But now, we see states (NY, NJ, CA) contemptuously ignoring this decision and re-imposing draconian restrictions, with the obviously intent of making it virtually impossible for any citizen (absent political “connections”) to even own, much less bear, arms.
Simultaneously, leftist politicians, including the president himself, have all but declared our Supreme Court Justices to be criminals, heavily hinting that their decisions should be disregarded!
Leftists are power-hungry, amoral feudalists, who are currently ecumenically affright that too many American citizens, whom they have tried to bribe with their own money, now see them for what they are!
They must think we’re blind!

“If guns cause murder, then penises cause rape, pencils misspell words, and forks make people fat”