8 Nov 22
“Live truth, instead of just professing it.”
Elbert Hubbard
More on the recent “Bruen” Decision by SCOTUS, from friends close to the issue:
“‘Bruen’ represented an opportunity for SCOTUS to confirm that the only legitimate ‘Standard of Review’ for Constitutionality of laws and ordinances affecting our Second Amendment rights is actual text, history, and tradition.
Heretofore, an illegitimate ‘Balancing Test’ was suggested that made it possible for some woke judges to cynically ignore the plain English of our Constitution, as well as the historical record.
The so-called ‘Balancing Test’ can be summed-up thusly:
‘If it saves just one life…’, ad nauseam. This ‘standard’ means that leftists can snobbishly pretend that our Second Amendment doesn’t really exist, nor does our First Amendment, nor our Fourth, nor our Fifth, etc!
Under “Bruen,’ this dubious ‘Balancing Test’ has now been officially thrown in the garbage (like Roe v Wade), and ramifications are sweeping and breath-taking!
Leftist governors and other neo-Marxists are desperately trying to dodge this now-correct standard, a standard which is nothing more than the belated re-affirmation of the original (and the only legitimate) standard!
They shall not succeed!”
Undeterred, the current leftist governor of NY, contemptuously dismissing “Bruen,” has declared vast areas of NY to be “Sensitive,” where our Second Amendment can magically be brushed-aside, where American citizens are apparently no longer American citizens!
Yet, even when walking in a public park there’s no guarantee that we’re in a “socially stable” place.
When the governor walks in the same park, she is escorted by a team of well-armed NY State Police bodyguards, to whom all her restrictions apparently don’t apply!
Isn’t it interesting the way leftist politicians, without fail and with a straight face, exempt themselves from all restrictions they so self-righteously impose on the rest of us!
Let’s all hope this conspicuous hypocrisy is dealt with harshly by SCOTUS!
In the interim, of course, Operators know only too well that we are on our own, and must continue to be ever-alert, ever-prepared, and ever-courageous!
“The essence of immorality is the tendency to make an exception of oneself.”
Jane Addams