6 Mar 13

I had dinner with a deputy-chief of a big-city PD last week. We’ve known each other for a long time. When I first met him years ago, he was an enthusiastic, young patrolman/trainer.

His patrolmen now carry SIG 229/DAKs in 40S&W. They issued WW/SXT for a while, but have recently seen superior terminal performance, particularly through auto-glass, from Speer Gold-Dot, which is currently the issue-round. Per policy and training, most VCAs shot by metro police are hit multiple times. Fatality rate is high! In addition, he has an AR in every beat-car.

Weapons training, with pistols and rifles, has a high priority in his department. “We spend a lot of money and time at the range,” he explained, “… and it is really paying off!”

He told me about several recent OIS incidents. His officers, some of whom are also my students, performed well. “We’ve never lost a gunfight,” he explained, although several officers have been shot and killed from ambush.

He lamented that his city’s rate of violent crime continues to ratchet up, regardless of DARE, Head Start, and other feel-good, federal fluff, expensive and worthless, as is most of what the federal government does.

He continued, “We’re unable to do much about the general disrespect for life and property that characterizes the current generation of city dwellers, but we can, and do, insure that VCAs who challenge our officers with lethal force don’t live long enough to commit their next violent felony!”

My friend is a modern-day hero! Unlike the gaggle of dithering background-stooges that are always trotted out to serve as wallpaper when some political gas-bag signs an anti-gun “crime” bill, my friend is not a “do-gooder.” He is a “good-doer.” Because of his aggressive advocacy for genuine training, many of his officers are alive today and with their families, who otherwise wouldn’t be.

He is a quiet champion who keeps the system running, as well as it can, in our age. He is the kind of top-drawer cop with whom I like to associate.

I wouldn’t walk across the street to meet most politicians, but I’ll take my stand with heroes like this!