8 Mar 13

I stopped at a big Cabela’s south of Austin, TX this afternoon.

Here is what I found:

No 223, 308, 9mm, 40S&W, 38Spl, 357Mg, 22LR ammunition anywhere in the store. No high-performance, nor hardball.

Some 30-06, some 30-Carbine Gold-Dot, some 7.62x54R (Soviet equivalent of the 308), Some 45ACP Gold-Dot, three 20-round boxes of 7.62×39

Lots of 410 00Bk and 000Bk, no 12ga Bk (any size), two 5-round boxes of 12ga Slugs. BB Shot was otherwise the largest size 12ga shot available.

Two new Glocks had just arrived, a G17 and a G22. I asked the clerk if they would be sold by the end of the day. He indicated they would be sold by the end of the hour. I watched. Sure enough, they were! In addition, he had three M&Ps, and two XDs. I’m sure they too are all long-gone by now.

No new SIGs, but several used ones. No Kahrs. Ten new DA revolvers in 38Spl, S&W, Ruger, and Rossi. Good supply of SA revolvers. Some off-brand 1911s, but no 1911 from a well-known manufacturer.

No ARs, any brand. No M1As, PTRs, XCRs, 556s, SCARs, FALs, Mini-14s, et al. And, no magazines for any of them, except as noted below.

There was a ample supply of plastic, 30-round AR magazines, by a company called “Syntec,” at $25.00/copy. They might be just fine, but I didn’t buy any.

Double-barrel shotguns were in good supply. It seems our vice-president has failed to set a “trend!”

Clerks told me the ammunition situation has improved ever so slightly over the past few weeks, but it obviously hasn’t been much!

I don’t see any real relief any time soon. We’re all going to have to make do with what we have, training as we can.

“Smooth seas do not good sailors make!”