3 Mar 13

I’m here in Memphis, TN at Tom Givens’ indoor range, participating in this year’s “Polite Society” Event.

Tom Givens’ tireless effort in putting this clinic together every year is much appreciated by all of us. There is a live-fire shooting exercise, all done is low light, along with various scenario-based drills and lectures by prominent instructors. The shooting drill was challenging indeed! I tried to attend all the lectures!

My friend and colleague, Mas Ayoob, delivered a detailed and powerful lecture on litigation, both civil and criminal, in which he has been recently involved. I learn much every time I listen to him!

John Hearne talked about human physiology and stress as it applies to lethal-force incidents. John’s research is extremely thorough, and he brought out many facts of which I was unaware.

Craig Douglas’ lecture and force-on-force drill on the subject of the management of close contacts with unknown people is something not to be missed! Craig has been down the road more than a few times!

Leslie Buck’s Class on edged weapons made my blood run cold!

Skip Gochenour talked with us about the criminal mind. Tom Givens’ lecture was on actual shooting in which his students have been involved. Excellent lectures on battlefield medicine by Dr Troy Miller, Dr Gary Roberts, and an active Army Medic with much experience but who has to remain anonymous, because he is currently on active duty.

Wayne Dobbs and Darryl are recently retired LEOs with much experience, nearly all of it bad!

Other instructors included Paul Pawela, Jon Hodoway, Spencer Keepers, Shane Gosa, Greg Ellifritz, Chuck Haggard, Rob Pincus, Steve Moses, Claude Werner, Bill Apprill, Karl Rehn, Caleb Causey, Marty Hayes, and me.

Polite Society is a great gathering of Operators, and a wonderful opportunity to get together with old friends, as well as and movers and shakers in our industry, cross-pollinate ideas, and see what our colleagues are teaching.

Thanks again to Tom and his Crew.

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Highly recommended!