28 Mar 23
“Property was first invaded,
… then liberty.
It is the method of oppressors first to make men beggars, then make them slaves.”
Matthew Henry
What we describe as “tyranny” is, and has historically been, the “normal mode” of governance in nations of the world.
In Western Civilization, we have courageously made some strides toward enlightenment, but those in power invariably have only one real priority, and that is to stay in power. And to that end, they unfailingly do their best to impose progressive “feudalism” upon fellow citizens, whom in the end they contemptuously regard as base vassals (see above Matthew Henry quotation).
As such, most “societies” on the face of the Earth are indistinguishable from a troop of baboons, or for that matter, a colony of ants!
And those in political office predictably lose no time in consolidating and expanding their own “governmental powers,” always at the expense of our individual freedom. Without fail, they piously insist they’re “doing it for our own good”
We’ve heard all that before!
Thus, when paranoid politicians criminalize dissent while simultaneously insisting citizens be forcibly disarmed and thus rendered helpless, increasingly using fear and intimidation as tools of control, while fostering and rewarding weakness, indolence, dependency, and moral confusion, all cynically designed to prevent individual citizens from thriving and prospering, it is ever a warning sign that a free society is on a one-way vector toward feudalism.
As noted, most societies are there already!
“Instability breeds strife.
Strife breeds ‘the necessity’ for increasing levels of ‘reform.’
‘Reform’ always means ever-increasing power for ‘reformers’
Communist Axiom, currently practiced by Democrats