27 Mar 23
2023 Tac-Con, Dallas, TX
This year’s Tac-Con get-together at the Dallas Pistol Club Range Complex just concluded.
There were somewhere between 300 and 400 participants, plus Instructors and staff.
There were lectures, hands-on personal defense (blades, Kubaton) classes, and live-fire classes.
Many ran simultaneously, so one could not participate in all of them, but what an opportunity to train with so many well-known Instructors at the same time, and in the same place!
Next year’s Tac-Con will be at the same location on 5-7 Apr 24 (Fri-Sun). All aspiring Operators should plan on joining us there!
Some highlights:
My long-time friend, and esteemed colleague, Mas Ayoob presented at well put-together lecture on the subject of “disparity of force” This lecture, by itself, was worth the price of the entire event! Mas never ceases to astonish all of us with his depth of understanding of issues related to lethal force.
Likewise, my also long-time friend and esteemed colleague, Andrew Branca, presented his famous lecture on the Law of Self Defense. All who carry guns need to hear this lecture! Andrew, like Mas, is amazing and continues to enlighten all of us on this issue.
Tom Givens, our gracious host, presented a wonderful lecture of personal preparedness, with many examples from experiences of his own students. Another lecture that should not be missed!
There is a friendly practical pistol match (optional) associated with the event. The whole thing takes twenty minutes (40rnds). I shot it with my Mossberg MC2C (9mm) and Defiant Munitions 115gr +p TCX, using a Blackhawk IWB holster. Placed somewhere in the middle.
However, Vicki shot the entire match with her SA Hellcat Pistol (same ammunition), drawing from a handbag.
She is the first participant ever to compete this way.
We’re breaking new ground!
Too many other courses and instructors to enumerate individually, but Tac-Con has become the premier event for Operators to connect, exchange information, socialize, and train together, and I can’t recommend attendance highly enough!
The leading edge of our Art is not being advanced at any military base, nor at any police department.
It’s being advanced and refined in the private sector and at events like Tac-Con!