4 Apr 23
“You don’t fight with what you have…
You fight with what you have LEFT!”


As Russia’s ill-fated Ukrainian Invasion goes on longer than anyone ever expected, and the tenacity, courage, and resourcefulness of Ukrainians continues to both astound and frustrate Putin (and the rest of the world), it is now clear to everyone that hard-bark Ukrainians will make good use of any and all weapons systems, old and new, that they can get their hands on.
In so doing, Putin’s pitiable cannon-fodder conscripts and bestial private military contractors (also cannon fodder) have been bested and set back over and over!
“Old” weapons systems
1) Expertly repaired and maintained, and
2) Expertly welded with confidence and courage by determined patriots
Astonishes the world, just as in 1776!
“In Norway, we’ve been ready to ‘welcome’ our eastern neighbor since 1945″
Crusty Norwegian (and DTI associate)