4 Dec 12

Comments from an Affiliate Instructor in CA:

“The Ancient Tradition of which you speak is limited to only a few. The majority are pretenders.

When I ask potential students if they’ve taken professional Defensive Handgun Courses, they routinely melt into explaining, in nauseating detail, how family members were hunters, policemen, ex-servicemen, et al, and how, through some magical osmosis, they absorbed knowledge and training from these good folks, all without any effort on their part.

The few who already have CCW permits still don’t carry consistently, as you and I do. No, they, once more in nauseating detail, explain that they are clairvoyant, and are thus able to make an appointment for each and every emergency! Even among gun-owners, including CCW permit-holders, you and I are often viewed as over-prepared when we carry back-up pistols.

Everyone here is nervous (even the clairvoyant!) as out state’s hopeless fiscal dilemma deepens. Among other things, our prisons are being emptied, because we can no longer afford to house so many convicts. As a direct result, violent crime is increasing dramatically, everywhere!

Local gun clubs offer CCW courses, but, even now, they are still not serious! You can tell, because each such ‘course’ invariably begins with the ‘instructor’ demanding that the classroom be free of loaded guns! How do we begin to teach this Art, when the first thing said to students is, ‘I don’t trust any of you idiots?’

I made an interesting observation this week, regarding of all things, our house cat. He wanted to go out early in the morning. I opened the door for him, and he stepped just past the threshold and stopped. He looked to the right and left, up into trees and shrubs, visually checking-out the area for several seconds before stepping out the rest of the way. He, through personal example, reminded me to watch myself and not to let my guard down, even among familiar surroundings!”


“Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a ‘Banquet of Consequences!’”

RL Stevenson